Small Waiting Objects

Small Waiting Objects (CW Books 2019)

cover of Small Waiting ObjectsIn the near future, kitchen appliances question, console, and bewilder their owners. Extraterrestrials leave behind sub-dermal implants and complicated daughters. A second moon settles into orbit around Earth, a moon which challenges those beneath it to see it, to name it, to explore it. And crew members aboard starships turn to fine and pulp art as consolation. The lyric poems in Small Waiting Objects reach back to feminist utopias and onward toward possible futures in which we find ourselves resisting the technologies—and their human implications—that we most desire.

“Are we really just one generation away from seismograph implants, or does it just feel that way? Like a second moon, T.D. Walker’s eerie, speculative poems may cause readers to recalibrate themselves. Let this book be your bus to Oz.”-Jessy Randall

“What this book knows, and entertainingly performs, is that poetry itself is an advanced technology, one that can alternatively travel what may otherwise be out of reach.” -Amy Catanzano 

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