Maps of a Hollowed World

Maps of a Hollowed World (Another New Calligrapy 2020)

From the pubcover of Maps of a Hollowed Worldlisher’s website: “On a journey not far beyond the realm of plausibility, generations live and die in pursuit of refuge—searchers of a new earth to seed and settle, the heart of an empty asteroid their enduring vessel. In Maps of a Hollowed World, T.D. Walker gives voice to the select few sent through time and space as they examine their bonds with deceased pioneers and unborn progeny alike. Perceptive lines engage with classic texts, scientific studies, and cultural detritus to bridge the travelers’ terrestrial past with their new lives among the stars. Just as her characters explore the cosmos in search of a suitable home, Walker uses science fiction tropes to survey family dynamics, environmental concerns, and our relationships to troubled histories. For better or worse, that which makes us most human will follow us into our collective future and the new ways of living it demands.”

Available from the publisher in print and electronic form.