Poems from my current manuscript (tentatively titled “Parallax”):

Poems that appear in Doubt & Circuitry:

  • “CONELRAD 1960 / COVID 2020Fireside, June 2022
  • “Transcript,” and “When you asked, I was a diagram,” Eccentric Orbits: An Anthology Of Science Fiction Poetry – Volume 3, April 2022
  • “1. Are There Any Long-term Effects of Ionospheric Heating?” and “8. Can HAARP Be Used To Generate VLF or ELF, that is Very Low Frequency or Extremely Low Frequency Signals?”  Jet Fuel Review, Spring 2022 / Issue #23
  • “Fierce fighting in substantial numbers: ships damaged,” in Cities and Memory: Shortwave Transmissions Project, January 2022 (direct link)

Poems that appear in Maps of a Hollowed World:

Poems that appear in Small Waiting Objects:

Older Poems:


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rwx: Read/Write/eXplicate: my monthly column at Luna Station Quarterly, which ran from 2014 to 2017.