Conversations with Speculative Poets: Jessica Rae Bergamino

Last month, I spoke with Jessica Rae Bergamino, author of UNMANNED (Noemi Press 2018) for the June 2019 edition of the Conversations with Speculative Poets series over at Luna Station Quarterly.  Here is an except from her answer about the Voyagers’ contemplation of themselves as bodies:

The body of each Voyager is built to gather data and conduct scientific experiments, but how is that actually any different than the human body? We constantly gather sensory and emotional information, process it, and figure out how to apply it. We celebrate. We fuck up. We learn to be better, to change our behavior, to make amends. Having a body is hard work and such a brilliant responsibility. It is something we learn, for better and worse, how to be.

Read the entire interview at Luna Station Quarterly.